Enrollment & Registration

Your Child is Our Priority

Welcome to the Sioux City Community School District! Thank you for choosing to partner with our District for your child’s education. 

Whether you are new to our District, enrolling a first-time student, registering a returning student, or considering a transfer, we are here to assist you.  

From preschool through high school, students in the Sioux City Community School District experience excellent opportunities for learning and growth. 

2,500 teachers and staff members are focused on helping your child succeed. Approximately 15,000 students come together in 22 schools to represent the next generation of leaders. We are excited to have your child join us on an exciting and stimulating educational journey.  

Parents/guardians are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s education. Once your child is enrolled, please contact your child’s school or teacher to learn about volunteer opportunities within the school.  

Within this section, you will find everything you need to enroll and register your child with the Sioux City Community School District. Please refer to the menu to access enrollment and registration information.