Audio Engineering/Mass Communication

Fuel your passion for music or writing. Learn to inspire and persuade people through the power of sound and communication.

Pathway Description

This 2-year regional pathway presents the world audio, sound studio operations, current music technologies, and music and sound production as they are implements for music, film, video, television, and interactive media. Students will acquire skills in sound mixing and editing, using various kinds of audio recording equipment, and the ability to engage in sound des

Key Competencies

  • Understand basic concepts of the different forms of writing that encompass the fields of journalism, broadcast, public relations, advertising, and electronic media sources.

  • Acquire the necessary skills for video in the field, including proper shot composition; lighting, and audio acquisition.

  • Understand the history as well as the effects of media on individuals, societies, and the world.

  • Discover the development of media, careers in media, media platforms, media effects, and the economics of media industries.

  • Participate in hands-on projects that incorporate various editing and motion graphics software and visual storytelling techniques.

  • Develop editing skills and an understanding of industry-standard best practices in relation to editing and motion graphics. Also covered are file formats and conversion, production workflow, and broadcast standards for graphics.

  • Explore the basics of the day-to-day management and operations of broadcast and cable television stations and media production companies.

  • Practice news writing, including crime, disasters (accidents and/or natural disasters), campus news, human-interest features, professional speeches and/or press conferences, and public meetings.

  • Maintain quality and high standards when integrating motion graphics with both live and pre-recorded video elements for broadcast, multimedia, and web productions.


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High School Credits:

9GE8 Industrial Safety (1) A or B
BG44 Media Production & Equipment (1)
BG45 Audio Production & Equipment (1)
BG23 Writing for Mass Media (1)
B640 Technical Production in Media (1)
BG46 Video Field Production (2)
BG53 Media Literacy (1)
BG54 Intro to Editing & Motion Graphics (1)
BG47 Management & Operations (2)
BG48 News Reporting (1)
BG49 Integrated Motion Graphics & Video (1)

Total College Credits: 32


Annual National Average Salary for a Broadcast Engineer: $68,200

Career Opportunities

  • Audio/Visual Technician

  • Audio Engineer

  • Broadcast Engineer

  • Reporter